Latest Mobile Phone Updates : HTC One X: what you need to know


The HTC One X (previously the Endeavor/Edge/Supreme) is expected to stride out on stage at MWC 2012 and wave its quad-core powered crown jewels right in our face.

Quad-core is one of the buzz words in the mobile phone industry this year and we expect to see a number of devices packing serious power over the next 11 months.

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We first heard rumblings on the HTC One X back in November last year under the moniker of the HTC Edge and rumours have sprouted from there.

The One X is set to be the world's first quad-core phone, although there have been reports the likes of Samsung, LG and Motorola have been sniffing around.

Samsung has since announced that it will not be flaunting the Galaxy S3 at MWC but there are rumblings that LG is prepping its quad-core X3 handset which could go head-to-head with the HTC One X in Barcelona.

To make it easier for you, dear reader, here's a round up of all the gossip rumbling through the rumour mill:
HTC One X name

The name looks set to be the HTC One X, which seems a bit super futuristic to us - but sources are claiming this is where HTC wants to take its new flgaship model. Who are we to argue?
HTC One X processor

Ok so there are no two ways about it: the HTC One X is all about its quad-core processor.

Reports suggested it will sport Nvidia's Tegra 3 processor which will house four 1.5GHz chips. That's an awful lot of power and thus we expect the One X to be lightning quick.

HTC One X specs

Update: It's being rumoured that the One X will lose the famous HTC four button set up below the display in favour of on screen options. This puts the image above in doubt, as it clearly shows the four buttons below the screen.

Of course no processor alone will deliver you a mind blowing mobile experience, decent specs are required to provide the complete package.

It looks like the quad-core processor will be backed up by 1GB RAM which should have no trouble in running Google's latest Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich.

Update: The One X is set to come with 32GB of internal storage, but it will not support microSD or any other type of expandable memory card.

A recently leaked ROM for the One X seems to confirm that it will be running Android version 4.0.3 will HTC's latest 4.0 sense interface over the top.

Update: It has now been suggested that the One X will ship with version 4.0.5 of Ice Cream Sandwich.

HTC endeavor - sense 4.0 overlay

Vonage Mobile launches with free Canada and U.S. calling for a limited time


When it rains, it pours. As we’ve seen with Dell Voice, the VoIP market is getting increasingly heated in Canada. Vonage is launching its Vonage Mobile service in app form for iPhone and Android, after providing free calls between Facebook users last year.

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Vonage uses high-definition codecs between app users, and calls are free for anyone using the app or a Vonage number. In addition, to promote the service, the company is making calls free to anyone in Canada, the U.S. and Puerto Rico for a limited time. After that, rates will be “on average 70 percent less than major mobile carriers and 30 percent less than Skype.”

The app, which is available on both Android and iPhone, looks good and works quite well. At this time only a small number of my contacts are available for free app to app calls, which are purportedly “exceptional[ly] high-definition.” Outgoing calls use your existing phone number as call display, so unlike Dell Voice, which gives you an entirely new number, outgoing Vonage calls shouldn’t be cause to have your recipients hit the Ignore button.

International rates are pretty low: we’re looking at less than 2.2c/min for China, and U.K., while India is 2.4c/min. Conveniently, credit can be bought using in-app purchasing in both the Android and iPhone app.

Vonage also gives you the ability to send text messages to Vonage users from within the app. Now that there is a mobile version of the popular home phone service, hopefully more people will sign up.

Check out Vonage Mobile for Android and iOS and let us know what you think.

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Stolen Cell Phones: What to do?


Cell phones disappear daily. They're sometimes merely misplaced but they are often stolen. For a thief, cell phones are a pretty popular target due to the fact they are small and easier to take and to sell than most items. They can easily bring in $50 or more per phone. Then of course, most thieves merely take the phone and use it until the owner has the phone disabled.

Find out how to prevent cell phone theft, what real risks are, and what to do about stolen cell phones here.

Preventing Cell Phone Theft
There are a few things cell phone owners can do to reduce the possibility of losing the cell phone, having it stolen, or reducing the damage that can occur in either instance:

Use a clip or leash to keep your cell phone attached to your body.

Don't leave an unattended phone laying in clear view or in a purse that isn't in a locked compartment.

Consider carefully what information you store on your cell phone. If it would create too big of a disaster if it fell into someone else's hands, don't store it. You may not prevent someone from taking your phone, but you can prevent them from accessing important information.

Encrypt the data on your cell phone to prevent others from using it.

You can slow down a thief at least by using passwords to restrict easy access to the keypad. Read this Microsoft page on the importance of selecting a strong password.