Samsung Mobile Teases New Device Called The Overachiever

Latest Samsung Mobiles, the massive Korean tech company, has started teasing a new device. They’re calling it “The Overachiever”, and it looks like some sort of USB wireless dongle (for 3G/4G on the go). Samsung has teased the device on a new teaser page on their website, and they’ve even hinted that it may be coming to multiple carriers.

The first teaser page reveals the name as “The Overachiever”, and it has the text “Take the first step on the road to greatness.” The link takes you to a page where you can fill out a form to get on an email list for the latest on “The Overachiever”. Pretty cryptic. What’s interesting about the form page is that it asks for your “Carrier Preference”. It includes all the majors (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) as well as the super regional carriers (US Cellular, MetroPCS and Cellular South).

The page has social networking link advising you to follow various Facebook/Twitter/YouTube accounts for more information, but they’re just the general accounts for Samsung Mobile. The general consensus on the tech blogs seems to be that this is some sort of USB dongle, maybe some sort of 4G monster. But, T-Mobile offers an HSPA+ USB dongle, AT&T and Verizon both offer LTE 4G USB keys (AT&T’s just having come out) and Sprint has a handful of WiMAX modems.

Could it be some sort of slick touchscreen phone, with some sort of sliding cover? Your guess is as good as ours at this point. But, it seems like an awfully dramatic and cryptic tease for a USB mobile bandwidth dongle, even if it does have 4G bells and whistles.


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