Nokia Brings A Compression Technology For Mobile Browser

Latest additions to the portfolio of Nokia, C2-05-05 and X2, is equipped with a new browser, which uses its own compression technology to deliver content faster than Nokia, the company said a blog post Tuesday.

Opera has been promoting the benefits of using compression technology for years, but lately it has become fashionable. Recently, Amazon introduced the silk, for its shelf Four, and the browser uses compression - and the computing power and caching Amazon cloud - sites making.

The browser is part of Nokia's strategy to expand the audience for mobile Internet access, go after the "next billion" users, many of which are supposed to developing countries. The browser uses a cloud computing service for a web page, and then converts the contents of a version optimized for viewing on the mobile device, according to Nokia.

"There is a true center to try to activate data services to high-level smartphone as low as you can go ... We're talking about smart phones at all times, but there are many countries where smartphones are only a fraction of the market "said Pete Cunningham, an analyst at Canalys.

However, what browsers are more efficient is not only something that can be useful for users in developing countries.

Subscribers who have limited data plans or users who will have their limits and that lower speeds can also take advantage of compression technology. Users access the Internet when the mobile network is overloaded, it must also see faster performance.

Currently, there are two major trends in mobile browsing, according to Cunningham. In addition to making mobile navigation available to the general public, providers are also a priority to support HTML5 and Web applications, said

The C2-05-05 and X2 are cheap GSM phones have, and will be marketed in the fourth quarter. Including applications for Facebook and Twitter and will cost € 50 and € 46 respectively, before taxes and operator subsidies.


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