Laptop Smartphone Is The Negative Impact On Family Relationships, Professional And Social?

Smartphones and society - I realized that while smartphones and cell phones are amazing pieces of technology are beginning to have a negative impact on how the company is integrated with it. This piece tries to show how they have been isolated in society, and what might happen if we continue on the path to addiction and mobile smart phone.

This article examines how the smart phones used in businesses, social activities, and how smart phones are used at home with his family. Imagine, this lens creates could lead some people to think - I am addicted to my smartphone? - Do read and let me know what you think.

Smartphones are certainly one of the best pieces of technology that was developed in recent years. Its incredible that a piece of equipment is relatively small, can be so powerful. It acts not only as a phone, but also as mobile internet, a game console and with the addition of a large number of applications / androids a gateway to almost everything. Fun applications where the photo was manipulated in the animal, or getting a makeover to show what you look like a 90 year old! For applications that you can use a GPS or a universal translator.

The smartphone, with its links to social networking sites today, you can see what friends are doing immediately. You can book at least different locations and upload photos directly to your Facebook page. The smartphone is actually a lot of technology. But there is a dark side to the smartphone.

I'm starting to notice more and more how many times you walk down the street and all you see are people upside down, the smart phone in hand, playing a little '. Indifferent to their surroundings. Casual look up to make sure that they are not going to run into someone and then leave again, upside down, surfing, SMS, sending, when walking, jogging, running, cycling and running!


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