Apple IOS 5.0.2 Battery Until The Update On Hold?

Apple has never said that iOS 5.0.2 is released this week, but the rumors that this was the plan - until now, with new reports suggesting that the update is rumored to be delayed.

Software patches is set to correct the problems apparently caused by battery drain IOS four five iPhone iPhone 4S - presumably most of IOS 5.0.1, which was supposed to fix the battery consumption of things, but actually makes them worse.

Other errors that the update is supposed to be included to address minor problems with documents in icloud and some other small insignificant problems with the iPhone 4S.

But now report that the update is on hold because the software needs more testing.

Unfortunately, the rumor of the arrival of IOS 5.0.2 update this week comes first, so who really knows?

Yet, we expect Apple to do something about the situation of discomfort iPhone 4S battery, so that we can believe in a new update is coming. It 's all looking very likely for us.

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