BlackBerry Cell cellphone Union to have business stability to iPhone, Android

Research In Movement, the manufacturers of the BlackBerry line-up of mobile phones, has launched a new product for companies that could have the stability of a BlackBerry mobile to any smart phone in the world. Called Cell cellphone Union, the technological innovation is still in try out and would be available from Goal 2012.

BlackBerry Cell cellphone Union delivers together our industry-leading BlackBerry Enterprise Web server technological innovation for BlackBerry equipment with cell system control features for iOS and Android mobile cellphone equipment, all maintained from one web-based unit. It provides the necessary control features to allow IT section to with manage the use of both company-owned and employee-owned mobiles within their businesses.”

So what does it mean? Generally, the reason companies have favorite BlackBerry over the years has been the easy and safe control of encrypting messages, establishing accounts, lock equipment, cleaning information, etc. The new Cell cellphone Union technological innovation will basically allow any business to do that across iOS and Android mobile cellphone equipment, along with established BlackBerry models.

For the end customer, this means that later on, you might not need to have two models – one individual and one from the office. Your individual iPhone or Android mobile cellphone could be packed with Cell cellphone Union by your next company instead of supplying you a different cellphone. When you leave, your recognized information could be removed easily, with your cellphone staying the same throughout.

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