Nokia India To Develop The Properties Of Low-cost Mobile Phones On The Internet

Nokia India announced yesterday that it will focus on creating a rich ecosystem of applications for its low cost of Internet ready mobile phones in the sub-R. 6000 category. The company was thinking in this direction for some time, with its latest features compression provides browser to Web pages more quickly.

Now Nielsen survey results in hand, Nokia has identified that the Indians, who use the mobile Internet on their phones, to spend more time surfing the Internet in addition to checking their e-mail, instant messaging, or some network, Social.

Based on the plans of the company said Jasmeet Gandhi, Head (Marketing Services) of Nokia India:

"The Indians use the Internet over the phone for navigation, and less for e-mails The expectation is to buy a phone with built-in features like chat and mail, but at a lower price ... segment at this price increased by 5. - 6 percent. Although the percentage is not much, the installed base is huge in India. "

"The advantage will come from the additional value it can offer. This includes applications that need to innovate to be located. Given the size of the market at that price, the challenge is to accumulate more and more features for that price. The ability to create a phone with an ecosystem better, smarter determine our success. "

The Nielsen survey interviewed more than 3,000 mobile internet users in eight cities found 73% of them aged 35. A majority of Internet users has identified a good mobile phone shopping in chennai as someone who delivered a fast Internet browsing speed.

Commenting on the results, Gandhi said:

"Good speed Internet defines an overall good experience on the Internet when it comes to mobile browsing, email and chat and social networks."


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