Nokia's Stephen Elop Talks About Windows Phone Plans In United States

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says the company plans to re-enter the smartphone in the U.S. in early 2012 with a variety of Windows Phone devices from less to more than two phones Lumia company unveiled last week.

"Our plans are to be competitive and go head on with the right equipment for the right price points," Elop said in an interview with Bloomberg. "We know we have to get the volume in motion, and that we must start to develop economies of scale. And so, as we differentiate more, we are expanding gross margin. "

The devices must be available through a number of U.S. companies, also said Elop.

Interview, he also hinted at possibly writing a Web tablet market Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8, which Elop described as a version of "supercharged" the tablets.

"There is a new film for opportunities," he said. "We see a great opportunity. Without a doubt, that changes the dynamics," and the tablet on the market.

Last week, Nokia introduced its first smartphone running Windows Phone 7.5: 585 000 000 800 and 376 of Lumia Lumia 710th million (Prices do not include taxes or subsidies, as in many parts of the world - but not United States -. phones sold subsidized by carriers and unlocked with the user to choose the carrier for the purchase in the United States, phones are generally supported by the carriers, however, often require a two- years of service.)

Snow blades 800 to launch in six countries in Europe (including France, where apparently the charts in advance, at least in the House Phone dealer, according WPCentral.). After that hit Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan - countries where the budget-minded brother, Snow 710, for launch later this year.

Neither phone is scheduled for release this year and the U.S. Elop did not say he would be in the range of Nokia smartphones is planned for the United States in 2012.

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