Stolen Cell Phones: What to do?

Cell phones disappear daily. They're sometimes merely misplaced but they are often stolen. For a thief, cell phones are a pretty popular target due to the fact they are small and easier to take and to sell than most items. They can easily bring in $50 or more per phone. Then of course, most thieves merely take the phone and use it until the owner has the phone disabled.

Find out how to prevent cell phone theft, what real risks are, and what to do about stolen cell phones here.

Preventing Cell Phone Theft
There are a few things cell phone owners can do to reduce the possibility of losing the cell phone, having it stolen, or reducing the damage that can occur in either instance:

Use a clip or leash to keep your cell phone attached to your body.

Don't leave an unattended phone laying in clear view or in a purse that isn't in a locked compartment.

Consider carefully what information you store on your cell phone. If it would create too big of a disaster if it fell into someone else's hands, don't store it. You may not prevent someone from taking your phone, but you can prevent them from accessing important information.

Encrypt the data on your cell phone to prevent others from using it.

You can slow down a thief at least by using passwords to restrict easy access to the keypad. Read this Microsoft page on the importance of selecting a strong password.


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