Conversation Is Killing Smartphones


Laptop Is the impact of negative Smartphone family relationships, social and professional?

Smartphones and society - I begin to realize that while smartphones and cell phones are amazing pieces of technology, they begin to have a negative impact on how the company integrates itself. This piece seeks to show how we are isolated in society, and what could happen if we continue on the road for the smartphone and mobile phone addiction.

This article examines how smartphones are used for business, social activities, and how smartphones are used at home with the family. The image of this lens creates can lead some people to think - I depend on my smartphone? - Have a read and let me know what you think.

Nokia Unveils New Mobile Phones For Developing Countries


Nokia introduced the first two smartphones in its range Windows-based Lumia Nokia models and four other developing markets such as Ghana.

Both phones running Windows, the Nokia 800 Lumia, Lumia and 710, and the area is designed to develop markets, the Nokia 303 and Asha Asha 300, 200 and two hundred and first Asha Asha

New Nokia CEO Stephen Elop quoted saying that "eight months ago, we shared our new strategy, and today we are showing a marked improvement of this strategy in action. We encourage innovation through our portfolio from new experiences mobile smartphone smartphones. "

He also said that the new phone, which include coverage of WCDMA and HSPA, Nokia also plans to introduce LTE and CDMA products are soon to meet the specific needs of the local market.

The Nokia 800 Snow

Lumia Nokia 800 features a 3.7 inch AMOLED curved clear black and 1.4GHz processor with hardware acceleration and a graphics processor. Nokia Lumia 800 includes a camera Instant Share experience based on a Carl Zeiss lens, HD video playback, 16GB of internal memory and 25 GB of storage free SkyDrive to store pictures and music.

The estimated retail price for Nokia Lumia 800 will be about 420 euros, excluding taxes and subsidies.

Snow The Nokia 800 is a number of deployment anywhere in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom in November. It is supposed to be available in Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan, before the end of the year, and still on the market in early 2012.

The Nokia 710 Snow

With the same 1.4 GHz processor and hardware acceleration of graphics processors as the Nokia 800 Lumia, Lumia the Nokia 710 is a lightweight version of the general model.

The estimated selling price for the Nokia 710 Lumia will be about 270 euros, excluding taxes and subsidies.

Lumia The Nokia 710 is scheduled to be available for the first time in Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan at the end of the year along with the Nokia 800 Lumia, before turning to other markets in early 2012.

Asha Nokia 303

Asha Nokia 303 features a large 2.6 "capacitive touchscreen with a QWERTY keyboard. The machine uses a 1GHz processor, 3G and WLAN to deliver faster Internet experience. Social networks, e-mail and IM is the center of the experience, accessible from the screen.

Asha The Nokia 303 is powered by a cloud-based Nokia browser, which is the compression of the web up to 90%, providing greater speed and less on the Internet.

Entertainment and applications is also a central element of the offer Asha Nokia 303. Angry Birds Lite, the popular board game that is pre-installed with support for other relevant applications worldwide such as Facebook Chat, email and WhatsApp the latest version of Nokia Maps for Series 40 (available in some markets ).

Resale prices Asha The Nokia 303 is about 115, excluding taxes and subsidies. Is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Asha Nokia 300

Asha The Nokia 300 is a touch-screen device, which also offers the opportunity to keyboard. Asha The Nokia 300 is a 1GHz processor and 3G provide faster Internet and social networking experience. Nokia Web Browser for quick, inexpensive, and a local Internet by compressing web pages up to 90%.

Users have quick access to messaging, email and instant messaging in the main screen and you can swipe to access applications, music or games from the Nokia store. The Nokia 300 also comes preloaded with game birds Asha Angry popular.

Asha The Nokia 300 features a 5 megapixel camera, music player, FM radio, Bluetooth and can handle memory cards up to 32GB.

Resale prices Asha The Nokia 300 is about 85, before taxes and subsidies. Is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Asha Nokia 200

Asha Nokia 200 is the latest Nokia phone with dual SIM Easy Swap which allows consumers to easily modify their second SIM card without turning off the device.

The phone has integrated social networks, email and instant messaging, adding Renren, Orkut and Flickr support. Asha Nokia 200 can carry thousands of songs with support for 32 GB memory card and provide a playing time of 52 hours battery.

The estimated selling price for the Nokia 200 Asha will be about 60 euros, excluding taxes and subsidies. Is expected to start shipping in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Asha Nokia 201

Each version of Nokia SIM 200th Asha The estimated retail price for Nokia Asha will be around 60 201 euros, excluding taxes and subsidies. It is planned to start shipping in the first quarter of 2012.

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The IPhone 4S Is A Disappointment - The Android Phones Are Better


Apple really dropped the ball with the iPhone 4S. Everyone always expects the new iPhone the next. Most people consider it the gold standard against which the phones are judged. However, it was not enough to offer the latest Android phone to get upset. IPhone is better than 4, but that's saying something, because there are many phones that's better than the iPhone 4 today.

I'll tell you what is new in the iPhone 4S over the iPhone 4 Of course, this is not a terrible phone and it has some interesting features. I get in them, but then I'll share with you some reasons why I like some more Android phones as the iPhone 4S.

After that, I will run Android phones should be considered for the iPhone 4S, and why I want more.

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Nokia N900 Mobile Phone And Computer Peripherals


Combine your calendar, contacts and other Skype contacts on a laptop all-in-one direction. Share your status, location and state of mind with your friends. Maintain multiple IM conversations and text messages in progress and move easily between them. Email on the go with rich HTML and a full QWERTY keyboard, pre-installed Nokia Messaging which mobilizes up to 10 personal email accounts.

This unlocked cell phone is compatible with GSM carriers like AT & T and T-Mobile. Phone that combines a laptop, mobile phone, high quality camera and a portable media player device, the Nokia N900 unlocked phone offers fast 3G connectivity, global roaming capabilities, and a host of messaging features for you to keep in touch with family, friends and business partners wherever you are.

It runs the new Linux-based Maemo operating system that brings the benefits of your PC to your mobile world. Get a speedy processing and multitasking on the dashboard N900 living - a home screen panorama that can be fully personalized with favorite shortcuts, widgets and applications - and experience the full web browser and Maemo fast wireless broadband connections.

That's all accessible via N900 3.5-inch high resolution touch screen and sliding QWERTY keyboard unit.

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Specialists in recrimination art

Specialists in recrimination art

HTC Has Revealed The "Radar": The First Windows Mobile 7.5 India


Having found a cheap Android smartphone last month, HTC has added another phone to its growing range of smartphones. Although this time she has left the Android operating system to the latest version of Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. The new mobile phone code named "HTC Radar" will be the first phone in India to run on the new mobile OS from Microsoft.

HTC Radar is a 3.8 inch S-LCD capacitive touch screen (480 × 800 pixels) and runs on Windows Phone OS 7.5 Mango. The new operating system has a lot of new features that we had written previously.

And 'powered by a Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon chipset MSM8255 Scorpion processor and has 512MB of RAM. Built-in storage device is 8GB, only 6.54GB is user accessible (although users will have 25 GB of cloud-based storage with Microsoft Sky Drive) ..

The handset has a 5 megapixel camera on the back (with F2.2 lens) sensor with LED flash and BSI (to better capture low light) that can record HD video at 720p. A front facing VGA camera is also provided on the device.

The mobile phone is designed from a single piece of metal and size of the unit is 120.5mm x 10.9mm x 61.5 mm and its weight is 137 grams. The unit has a battery 1520 mAh, which, according to the company will provide up to 10 hours talk time and 480 hours standby. The unit has an integrated GPS antenna, HTC locations and Bing Maps

Additionally, the device comes with a microUSB port and a stereo FM radio. For connectivity, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G. The unit should be somewhere around Rs 24.000 price considering the specifications offered. Although this is the HTC phone for the first time in India with Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango), could do a better job specifications.

HTC radar competitors in the Indian market include Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Torch BlackBerry 9860 and Samsung I9103 Galaxy R.

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Nokia Brings A Compression Technology For Mobile Browser


Latest additions to the portfolio of Nokia, C2-05-05 and X2, is equipped with a new browser, which uses its own compression technology to deliver content faster than Nokia, the company said a blog post Tuesday.

Opera has been promoting the benefits of using compression technology for years, but lately it has become fashionable. Recently, Amazon introduced the silk, for its shelf Four, and the browser uses compression - and the computing power and caching Amazon cloud - sites making.

The browser is part of Nokia's strategy to expand the audience for mobile Internet access, go after the "next billion" users, many of which are supposed to developing countries. The browser uses a cloud computing service for a web page, and then converts the contents of a version optimized for viewing on the mobile device, according to Nokia.

"There is a true center to try to activate data services to high-level smartphone as low as you can go ... We're talking about smart phones at all times, but there are many countries where smartphones are only a fraction of the market "said Pete Cunningham, an analyst at Canalys.

However, what browsers are more efficient is not only something that can be useful for users in developing countries.

Subscribers who have limited data plans or users who will have their limits and that lower speeds can also take advantage of compression technology. Users access the Internet when the mobile network is overloaded, it must also see faster performance.

Currently, there are two major trends in mobile browsing, according to Cunningham. In addition to making mobile navigation available to the general public, providers are also a priority to support HTML5 and Web applications, said

The C2-05-05 and X2 are cheap GSM phones have, and will be marketed in the fourth quarter. Including applications for Facebook and Twitter and will cost € 50 and € 46 respectively, before taxes and operator subsidies.

Five Things To Remember Before Appointing IPhone Application Developer


One day, the companies developing iPhone applications for different applications are being developed for multiple purposes for the iPhone, but the main question that arises is that the source you can trust to hire a developer of applications for iPhone application idea iPhone.

Now the key is how to choose the best iPhone apps developers to apply for your ideas. Here are some important questions that will help you hire the best iPhone application developers.

IPhone application developer to hire a very reasonable price.

1) First of all, you should be looking for iPhone application developers should provide the best and professional development. Knowing a portfolio of their work and their professionalism, the first time in their company's website, see see their previous work and customer testimonials. Thus, these data will give you an idea of ​​their work and what kind of customers they have.

2) Since then, worth checking out its customer portfolio and testimonials section work in which you want to choose between the desire to iPhone application developer. See their vision, mission, experience and expertise in this field.

3) You should know the experience of a developer making a certain skill, such as educational software, software analysis, systems programming, the development of mobile and wireless applications, etc. Recent Upgradation if you have all the skills to pass your requirements, then you can hire a developer for its iPhone application.

4) The developer you are renting, you need to know they can work full time and part-time, weekly and monthly. Select the best time to develop your application.

5) Ask the developers to provide examples of work, so that you may find the idea of ​​whether or not you should take and under what conditions.

If you follow these five tips to hire the developer of iPhone applications, you can find the best iPhone application developers need to lower costs.

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Find The Best Mobile Application Development Services


Now I can talk with developers of mobile applications. You have to understand mobile users, the number of applications while developing new mobile applications. Because if you are developing new applications for the iPhone and is very difficult to use for the user, the user loses interest in using this application. For example, we use mobile banking. It is easy to see that the statement, the balance transfer money and other things. Businesses today increasingly more access to Web sites. They are also a mobile version of its website.

Today's market, we can see that the smart-phone sales will increase day by day as the IPAD, Blackberry, Windows and iPhone. Therefore, the development of mobile applications is a growing demand in the market. This means that more and more people feel the Internet to mobile phones. Now mobile phones are active, such as a computer and become smart, and adding additional functionality for telecommunications.

Some important mobile application development are as follows.

Activities focus: - If you believe a good mobile application before investing, is to study its viability. Need to know if there is a difference, catering for the same service that the application was lodged. If you develop a mobile application and will offer more features compared to existing applications? Application development is viable and able to recover the investments to keep this? These are important questions that must be adopted before the new application.

What technology would you choose? - First, you must decide which technology is best for application development, because the iPhone, Blackberry, Android has a variety of platforms. Program, designed to run on a platform in common does not work on another platform just because of the divergence. When you get to develop new technologies that you have things that the platform is best for the current market. Before deciding on the technology, it is better to have a small version of the software on this platform.

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WebLineIndia is a creative and innovative development of mobile applications that business customer needs. Our laboratories provide services to application development, product innovation and web design.

RIM Has Announced A Distribution Agreement With Tech Data U.S.


Research In Motion (TSX: RIM) announced Monday morning that the BlackBerry client software is now available for Microsoft SharePoint.

RIM also announced every Monday a new agreement that allows large products distributor Tech Data to distribute BlackBerry technology, software and technical support to its distribution channels by more than 60,000 value-added resellers in the United States.

In a statement says RIM BlackBerry App Client provides integrated mobile experience for users of BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

RIM says among other things, allow the application to the research of content across multiple SharePoint sites from a BlackBerry smartphone.

Meanwhile, RIM with Tech Data, the company can support end-to-end sales of the BlackBerry mobiles solution for small and medium-sized businesses through Tech Data's new offering TDMobility.

The distribution of BlackBerry devices and activation are also available Monday through TDMobility select partners, with general availability expected later this year.