BlackBerry Disorders Return To U.S.

BlackBerry users have experienced a deja vu on Monday morning.

Research in Motion (RIMM) BlackBerry devices are once again experiencing a service interruption in a few weeks, after a pause of several days in the month of October has lasted five continents and millions of customers affected.

The network has been delayed, including sending and receiving e-mails, and Research in Motion said it is working to resolve the issue. So far the problems have been reported only in the U.S.

Pain in the latest BlackBerry are just a month after the break, which began in Europe because of a failed core switch infrastructure within RIM spread like wildfire in the five continents, including Africa, Asia, South America and North America .

The alteration in October was the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in Canada and increasingly took days to get under control.

The company co-founder and CEO, Mike Lazaridis, apologized for the disturbance and said the company was to investigate to ensure a similar ruling has not been repeated.


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