BlackBerry Cell cellphone Union to have business stability to iPhone, Android


Research In Movement, the manufacturers of the BlackBerry line-up of mobile phones, has launched a new product for companies that could have the stability of a BlackBerry mobile to any smart phone in the world. Called Cell cellphone Union, the technological innovation is still in try out and would be available from Goal 2012.

BlackBerry Cell cellphone Union delivers together our industry-leading BlackBerry Enterprise Web server technological innovation for BlackBerry equipment with cell system control features for iOS and Android mobile cellphone equipment, all maintained from one web-based unit. It provides the necessary control features to allow IT section to with manage the use of both company-owned and employee-owned mobiles within their businesses.”

So what does it mean? Generally, the reason companies have favorite BlackBerry over the years has been the easy and safe control of encrypting messages, establishing accounts, lock equipment, cleaning information, etc. The new Cell cellphone Union technological innovation will basically allow any business to do that across iOS and Android mobile cellphone equipment, along with established BlackBerry models.

For the end customer, this means that later on, you might not need to have two models – one individual and one from the office. Your individual iPhone or Android mobile cellphone could be packed with Cell cellphone Union by your next company instead of supplying you a different cellphone. When you leave, your recognized information could be removed easily, with your cellphone staying the same throughout.

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Htc Lumia 800 Home windows Cellphone 7 cell phone review


Specifications: Home windows Cellphone 7 - Apple mackintosh business, 3.7-inch 800x480 WVGA AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 1.4 Ghz individual center CPU, 16GB storage space, 8MP photographic camera, LED Expensive,GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, GPS, WIFI b/g/n/, 3.5mm audio port, microUSB, A-GPS, Wireless 2.1, 1450 mAh Li-Ion battery

The Htc Lumia 800 is the Finnish phone businesses first mobile to run Windows Home windows Cellphone 7 os, where in the last Htc has always used the Symbian program. Symbian has always been associated with Htc and used to run their phones, from primary to entry-level equipment and was eventually obtained by Htc in 2008.

In March this season, Enthusiasm and Htc declared a relationship that encounters Symbian being decreased as the main OS on the Htc key equipment, in like of Home windows Cellphone 7. The occurrence to discover this news was held a short while before Cell Wold The legislature in The capital, as not to surpass Europe's most significant cell phone display - which starts a lot of the years' models.

There was much objectives at a chance to see the first Home windows Cellphone set of components from Htc, as the os had already been seen for several months on a number of phones with almost the same release rolled-out to all these equipment.

The wait didn't take very extensive, as in May this season a movie was published on-line, where Stephen Elopak, Nokia's own CEO, was caught on movie showing a cell phone at a Htc corporate occurrence. This mobile had the codename of ‘SeaRay' and was to be the first Htc run Home windows Cellphone 7 cell phone.

A day or two earlier, Htc declared the N9 cell phone which had a very identical appearance to the ‘SeaRay' mobile. This phone was going the joint Apple and Htc MeeGo os, when being the very first program to arrive with this very OS. The Htc N9 didn't reach many markets in the end, not even the UK.

It was the style beliefs and design of the N9 that would be used in the Htc Lumia 800, so there wasn't a waste in resources. Many now see the N9 as just a model for the Lumia 800, for both individuals and the cell phone systems to get use to the style, before the actual Home windows Cellphone 7 models was formally introduced, later last month.


The Htc Lumia 800 is entirely centered around the Htc N9 MeeGo program and as an almost identical copy, with its near paper again kind element, circular tips, a little huge present screen and again.

The case of the 800 is created up from 1 element of plastic material, in a unibody style with no fails - apart from the two panels at the top. These open up to bring in the microUSB port and microSIM card slot; the latter of which is usually only discovered in Apple mackintosh business items.

There have been some modest variations since the N9, most of which is to provide the Enthusiasm Home windows Cellphone 7 ‘Mango' os components needs. This is companies the present screen being reduced to develop room for the again, start and look for touching susceptible links on the present screen.

The 800 is small and very compact to hold in the hand, despite property a 3.7-inch AMOLED touching present display screen. There isn't a lot of increased materials around the screen's tips, where the present nearly effortlessly actually grows to from area to area, and end to end of the cell phone.

The cell phone's height is 116.5mm, when gauging 61.2mm in size and 12.1mm slim. This places the Htc 800 a little higher, larger and greater than the Apple mackintosh business iPhone 4S, whose size are 115.2x58.6x9.3 mm and with a weight of 140 grams; 2 h light than the Lumia 800.

There is a a little bevel to the top area present screen and the back that contributes a little more thickness to the Htc cell phone, otherwise this could have been one of the slimmest smartphones on the market around today and a obstacle to the slimest ‘7.1mm thick' Motorola Razr mobile.

Nokia has involved some jeopardises to obtain the svelte kind element, such as the supplement of a non-removable battery power and a microSIM card. This contributes to the overall compactness of the Lumia 800, without detracting from its success in anyway.


A individual core1.4 Ghz brand abilities the Htc Lumia 800. This is a excellent fit for the mobile and we didn't experience any lag when using it, due to the CPU. Even when going multiple programs at once. Multi-tasking is a new supplement in the Home windows Cellphone 7 ‘Mango' release and has only recently been used to older models. Some users could experience a modest delay when using it, but this is mostly down to WP7 relaxing web 2. 0 improvements.

Included is 16GB of storage space that is non-expandable from a microSD card. This isn't an excellent loss, as there hasn't been a WP7 mobile introduced that does have detachable storage space. Htc and Enthusiasm have incorporated with the Lumia 800 25GB of cloud-based storage space, which makes up for these disadvantages - although 16GB is acceptable for most individuals use.

Lumia 800's CPU is one of the quickest seen in a WP7 program, as in the last 1GHz cpus were only really highlighted within these mobile phones. Only the HTC Powerhouse 1.5GHz centered phone sounds time speed of the 800, but this has the appearance of nearly every other HTC phone and really doesn't take a position out from the subject. A double center mobile hasn't been introduced as yet going Home windows Cellphone 7, which could connect with 720p movie take still being the limit on these equipment with no possibility of complete 1080p.

There's an 8 mega-pixel wide-angle photographic camera built in to the Lumia 800 with a Carl Zeiss contact and a double flash LED. The latter of which has transferred a little from the N9's area, to provide more light-weight in graphic take. This photographic camera is very susceptible and takes a excellent shot, thanks to all that it has on-board and the Enthusiasm OS. On the area of it is a specific photographic camera switch that is a function of all Home windows Cellphone 7 equipment, but wasn't a function of the N9's style.

The audio excellent quality on the Lumia 800 isn't as different and different as we would have liked, despite some interesting choices being created in the audio components section.

Nokia has placed the cell phone's presenter at the very platform of the mobile, where it isn't muffled due to the area - as opposed to other models. The presenter is in the same area as on the N9, where other companies, and most of them, place the presenter on the back of it. Sleeping the cell phone on its again often inhibits the audio excellent quality, in audio and hands-free use of it.

The Finnish business hasn't really taken advantage of the speaker's area, as the audio excellent quality is quite common. This is in contrast to other models, such as the New samsung Universe S II. Htc could have targeted for a higher ‘phon' degree on the 800 and its speaker; all to develop a more completed cell phone that has excellent audio - as it does have not-seen-before audio functions.

This Lumia 800 gets there with a common set of earphones that although audio OK, but aren't in anyway ground breaking. These playing equipment aren't true in-ear items. This in itself is a unexpected choice as their N8 and E7 previous primary Symbian phones are all associated with these types of earphones, where they do audio better than the ones provided with the 800.

There is an extra element of frustration here, as Htc has worked with Huge, the manufacturers of Dr Dre Beats audio earphones. Huge is producing playing equipment for Htc, but these aren't involved either. We would have thought a set of the Huge in-ear items could have been incorporated in the full price box, seeing as the 800 is the Htc primary mobile and one the business is trying to set apart from other manufactures' choices.


The Htc Lumia 800 delivers with a 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. This is a bit smaller than the 3.9-inch present discovered on the Finnish phone businesses MeeGo centered N9, which bares the same overall built in style. This reduction is to provide the normal Home windows Cellphone 7 function recommendations of, the again, home and the look for switch - all located along the platform of the present.

The present screen on the Lumia 800 has the Htc ClearBlack technological innovation that we first began seeing on their primary models of last season, with the Symbian N8, E7 and C7 mobile phones. This function allows the 800's present screen to be viewed in bright sunshine, without losing any graphic excellent quality due to the light-weight.

We have tried and tested this function with attractive effects and can admit to its success. Other phone companies set up their own take on anti-brightness displays, with the Extremely AMOLED Plus technological innovation in the situation of New samsung and the basic Extremely LCD present screen on HTC equipment. These are all accepted inclusions in it world, but Nokia's different seems to provide the best solution that we have seen so far, without impacting battery power too much.

The present excellent quality is both different and clear with the aid of 800x480 solution, along with providing a excellent graphic excellent quality for both still pictures and movie play. We compared to movie play on the Htc Lumia 800 to that of the New samsung Universe S II, looking at the limited codecs on provide with Home windows Cellphone 7. Nokia's mobile came out on top in terms of excellent quality, sharpness of details and understanding in the overall movie excellent quality.

The present screen itself is charged as being circular, just as the The look for engines Nexus S was from later last season. Samsung's Android mobile phone program has more of a concave style, where the Htc mobile is more convex. To be more specific, the present is raised a little from it, where the actual floating-screen has tips circular down to the mobile.

Touch needs were considered well by it and we couldn't problem the 800 there, as the only lag we saw was when it was modernizing web 2. 0 nourishes which wasn't down to the cell phone, rather the 3G transmission. Where we could problem the cell phone is on how much the present screen needed to be washed from finger prints over an average day, which was quite a lot.


Running on the telephone is Windows Home windows Cellphone 7. This has been modified of later to release 7.5, which is also known by the codename of 'Mango'.

This different has been involved on the Htc Lumia 800 and is more or less the same release of the program seen elsewhere, from HTC to New samsung equipment.

That's to say that Enthusiasm has decided to keep their current OS very simple, with just two displays - one which houses stay flooring, or icons. These provide stay details such as position improvements, email, messages and any other info from icons.

The other present screen contains all the programs installed to it, all in a directory line, along with configuration settings and the key parts to WP7 - the locations.

This starts with the people hub that functions use of all the acquaintances on the telephone, with details introduced in from companies Home windows Live and Myspace - in the new release of the program, Tweets and LinkedIn have been involved. This hub also shows all the web 2. 0 improvements for each contact, as well as providing submitting and addressing improvements.

The other locations include pictures; audio and video; Marketplace for apps; Enthusiasm Workplace, with a complete office selection of programs and Game hub, which allows for playing Console stay games and use of an Console 360 consideration.


Nokia has included some value to the Home windows Cellphone 7 OS going on the mobile, with improvements that no other produce has where the majority really haven't included a lot to program.

Nokia has involved their well-known Charts software, which as opposed to Google providing, is actually completely preinstalled. The maps aren't introduced down over a data connection, as they reside on it itself and just as they previously have on Symbian mobile phones.

The Htc maps are in subject kind, in the same way as The look for engines maps, but Htc has also included something else on the applying front area too.

Included on the Lumia 800 is Htc Drive. This is a turn-by-turn vector centered voice sat nav application, which also has all the maps preinstalled and will work just like a TomTom program, with a very identical look.

Also on-board is Htc Music that functions up use of the Htc audio selection of 14 thousand monitors, with no cost internet of 100 areas created up from all that musicm which can be carried out off-line too. Tracks can even be bought from the Htc store, as a competing to Zune's audio providing and jobs can be listed from surrounding areas or by even artisan.

All these are said to be unique to Htc Home windows Cellphone 7 phones and won't be discovered on any other companies equipment, but we shall see if that remains to be the situation eventually.


Nokia's Lumia 800 battery power carried out below the restrictions discussed by the Finnish phone manufacturers, along with being under par as to what ITProPortal would have estimated by the businesses previous performance in models.

We set up the cell phone with normal use of Googlemail, Home windows Live, Myspace, Tweets and LinkedIn - for pulling down messages and position improvements.

With an assortment power at 100-percent, the 800 was able to develop 6 some time to 24 mins worth of calls on our highest noted examine. This was all when get together messages and public system improvements as well. We recurrent the assessments a few more times, with 4 some time to 59 mins discovered, plus 4 some time to 5 mins seen on another examine - with various lots of traffic.

The with requirements for the Lumia 800 state the cell phone is capable of 9.5 use of talk-time, on a 3G system and 335 time stand-by, 55 use of audio play or 7 time for movie.

ITPP considers with these examine effects the Lumia 800 would last two days when without the need to charge - on modest use, a extensive individual day on common use and under a normal day on large use. This is all according to previous goes through, from identical sets of battery power common labels effects.

There is a quirk to the getting of the Htc 800 and one we have discovered on other models - and that is not being able to power off it when getting. This will carry down the charge time considerably, as it cannot be completely turned off to increase the charge time.

Nokia has incorporated in the full price box their ‘fast charger' which helps in getting around this foible of it, with a final complete charge use of around two some time to Half an hour to three time.

The Bottom Line

The Htc Lumia 800 is a well-designed and attractive Home windows Cellphone 7 mobile, with an OS that will work well with the cell phone phone; a present screen that is different in graphic and aware of operate; with a photographic camera that functions up reasonable enough graphic, a excellent sized storage space capacity and an acceptable CPU.

As a Home windows Cellphone 7 program, the Lumia 800 is a excellent looking device - from anyone, and not just Htc. Any cell phone producer would be very pleased to have the 800 in their strategy, either going WP7 or any other OS.

The technology of Home windows Cellphone thrown out to the Htc Lumia 800 feels quick in operation and is a excellent performance, although we experience this is thanks to the deep relationship with Enthusiasm. There isn't a lot of customization any program machine can carry to the program, but Htc has gone beyond what's estimated. This is by such as their preinstalled maps and no cost accessibility (in part) to their 14 thousand again list of monitors - all of which will help them being set apart from the competition.

There are some modest concerns ITPP personally has with the OS, such as the online key pad not completely getting to the sides in panoramic method but these are just eccentricities we will have to stay with.

The battery power simply leaves much to be desired for the large user, but we are hearing that there could be a fix coming out soon to solve this problem - which might stop out one of our major concerns with the Lumia 800.

We would have liked to have seen a front area experiencing photographic camera and NFC features, but this would have been the first Home windows Cellphone 7 cell phone to have both; coincidentally, the Htc N9 does have both of these functions.

As a new cell phone venture by Htc, it is a courageous move and one we hope will pay off as ITProPortal considers the Finnish are far from being finished.

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Apple IOS 5.0.2 Battery Until The Update On Hold?


Apple has never said that iOS 5.0.2 is released this week, but the rumors that this was the plan - until now, with new reports suggesting that the update is rumored to be delayed.

Software patches is set to correct the problems apparently caused by battery drain IOS four five iPhone iPhone 4S - presumably most of IOS 5.0.1, which was supposed to fix the battery consumption of things, but actually makes them worse.

Other errors that the update is supposed to be included to address minor problems with documents in icloud and some other small insignificant problems with the iPhone 4S.

But now report that the update is on hold because the software needs more testing.

Unfortunately, the rumor of the arrival of IOS 5.0.2 update this week comes first, so who really knows?

Yet, we expect Apple to do something about the situation of discomfort iPhone 4S battery, so that we can believe in a new update is coming. It 's all looking very likely for us.

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T-Mobile To Send Galaxy Tab 7.0 More On November 16


T-Mobile has announced the addition of the new Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus for its portfolio of 4G compatible tablets.

Samsung's new tablet computer, an update of its first 7-inch Galaxy tab, which was released a year ago, has a 7-inch multitouch screen, and packs 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 16 GB of memory internal and microSD card slot supporting up to 32 GB of additional memory.

The Galaxy Tab 7.0 weighs more than three quarters of a pound and is on sale on November 16 for $ 250 after $ 50 mail-in rebate with a two-year contract. But Amazon already sells Samsung tablet by sending one day, but for $ 399.

The Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet comes with Samsung Media Hub for film and TV rentals, and WildTangent, which allows customers to rent or buy games.

Table 7 is related to the recently announced T-Mobile launch pad (see CNET review here), and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and T-Mobile G-slate.

BlackBerry Disorders Return To U.S.


BlackBerry users have experienced a deja vu on Monday morning.

Research in Motion (RIMM) BlackBerry devices are once again experiencing a service interruption in a few weeks, after a pause of several days in the month of October has lasted five continents and millions of customers affected.

The network has been delayed, including sending and receiving e-mails, and Research in Motion said it is working to resolve the issue. So far the problems have been reported only in the U.S.

Pain in the latest BlackBerry are just a month after the break, which began in Europe because of a failed core switch infrastructure within RIM spread like wildfire in the five continents, including Africa, Asia, South America and North America .

The alteration in October was the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in Canada and increasingly took days to get under control.

The company co-founder and CEO, Mike Lazaridis, apologized for the disturbance and said the company was to investigate to ensure a similar ruling has not been repeated.

Nokia's Stephen Elop Talks About Windows Phone Plans In United States


Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says the company plans to re-enter the smartphone in the U.S. in early 2012 with a variety of Windows Phone devices from less to more than two phones Lumia company unveiled last week.

"Our plans are to be competitive and go head on with the right equipment for the right price points," Elop said in an interview with Bloomberg. "We know we have to get the volume in motion, and that we must start to develop economies of scale. And so, as we differentiate more, we are expanding gross margin. "

The devices must be available through a number of U.S. companies, also said Elop.

Interview, he also hinted at possibly writing a Web tablet market Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8, which Elop described as a version of "supercharged" the tablets.

"There is a new film for opportunities," he said. "We see a great opportunity. Without a doubt, that changes the dynamics," and the tablet on the market.

Last week, Nokia introduced its first smartphone running Windows Phone 7.5: 585 000 000 800 and 376 of Lumia Lumia 710th million (Prices do not include taxes or subsidies, as in many parts of the world - but not United States -. phones sold subsidized by carriers and unlocked with the user to choose the carrier for the purchase in the United States, phones are generally supported by the carriers, however, often require a two- years of service.)

Snow blades 800 to launch in six countries in Europe (including France, where apparently the charts in advance, at least in the House Phone dealer, according WPCentral.). After that hit Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan - countries where the budget-minded brother, Snow 710, for launch later this year.

Neither phone is scheduled for release this year and the U.S. Elop did not say he would be in the range of Nokia smartphones is planned for the United States in 2012.

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Nokia India To Develop The Properties Of Low-cost Mobile Phones On The Internet


Nokia India announced yesterday that it will focus on creating a rich ecosystem of applications for its low cost of Internet ready mobile phones in the sub-R. 6000 category. The company was thinking in this direction for some time, with its latest features compression provides browser to Web pages more quickly.

Now Nielsen survey results in hand, Nokia has identified that the Indians, who use the mobile Internet on their phones, to spend more time surfing the Internet in addition to checking their e-mail, instant messaging, or some network, Social.

Based on the plans of the company said Jasmeet Gandhi, Head (Marketing Services) of Nokia India:

"The Indians use the Internet over the phone for navigation, and less for e-mails The expectation is to buy a phone with built-in features like chat and mail, but at a lower price ... segment at this price increased by 5. - 6 percent. Although the percentage is not much, the installed base is huge in India. "

"The advantage will come from the additional value it can offer. This includes applications that need to innovate to be located. Given the size of the market at that price, the challenge is to accumulate more and more features for that price. The ability to create a phone with an ecosystem better, smarter determine our success. "

The Nielsen survey interviewed more than 3,000 mobile internet users in eight cities found 73% of them aged 35. A majority of Internet users has identified a good mobile phone shopping in chennai as someone who delivered a fast Internet browsing speed.

Commenting on the results, Gandhi said:

"Good speed Internet defines an overall good experience on the Internet when it comes to mobile browsing, email and chat and social networks."